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Ladon - Digital Video recording

Complete and modern system of continuous video digital recording from many cameras, including movement detection.

Ladon Centrum - Monitoring and management center

System for concurrent monitoring and management of many sites.

FonTel - Phone call recording

Automatic phone call recording system.

Video compressors - Video compression software

MJPEG and MPEG-4 video compressors (codecs).

Parking systems

ARTR - Licence Plate Recognition

Advanced system of automatic vehicle identification.

Image processing

MetaGuard - Video capture card

The family of advanced, reliable, multiple input image capture cards, with control possibilities included.


SAO - Image Analysis System

Universal system for statistical and object analysis with possibility of video recording.

Some cooperation effects

In cooperation with other companies Metasoft created many specialized systems of production control as well as universal systems for a wide range of applications. The choosen examples are:

KeySense - product family based on VC cameras integrated with DSP controler, that includes:

  • KeySense Standard - basic system wchich consists of modules analysing and recognising free defined areas, objects and their position, ,
  • KeySense Color - system dedicated to process and analyse colour scale image,
  • KeySense Measure - specialized system of precise contactless measurement of count, distance, angle, diameter, and position,
  • KeySense Barcode - 2D barecodes reading system.
MVS - Modular Vision Software - Universal, modular environment for image analysis and processing, fully prepared to control many external devices by use of I/O cards, paralell and serial ports, and ProfiBus interfaces.
more than software