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Ladon Centrum

Monitoring center
Ladon Centrum is a system for remote image observation and concurrent management of many monitoring Ladon stations. It enables building multi camera local monitoring systems, or simultaneous multi site administration. Its main functions are: live image watching and recording, archive image viewing and automatic alarm transmition.

Ladon Centrum works also with other Metasoft products.

See also:

  • Ladon - Digital video recording system.
  • Building distributed Ladon monitoring systems.


    • Live remote image viewing
    • Remote image recording
    • Remote archive image viewing
    • Local archive image viewing
    • Alarm instalation or other devices maintenance
    • Automatic alarm recording
    • Remote alarm information
    • Telephone or TCP/IP connection (Internet, local network)
    • Automatic alarm connection
    • Concurrent live and archive image viewing
    • Remote alarm switching
    • Computer state control
    • Easy and fast station image and state access, even in case of many monitoring stations (unlimited count)
    • Connection statistics
    • Authorisation protected function access


    • Unlimited camera number systems
    • Other products integration (ARTR, ARD)
    • Remote application management system
    • Permanent multi site control
    • Distributed monitoring systems
    • Simultaneous recording in more places
    • Remote control over alarm systems or other devices


    Connection TCP/IP
    Internet, Intranet, Local area network, telephone (modem), GSM telephone, cable (COM, LPT)
    Number of servers unlimited
    number of cameras: unlimited
    number of concurrently serviced monitoring stations: unlimited
    Image transmission compressed image
    Operating systems supported: Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP (Windows 2000 recommended)

    See also

  • Ladon - Digital video recording system
  • Building distributed Ladon monitoring systems.
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