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Image Analysis System
Image Analysis System is a video capture card MetaGuard that lets connecting any video device to PC (camera), and specialized software working under MS Windows.

Software lets viewing video on computer display, recording image with given speed and image analysing.

Image recording can be done in defined length (from 1 second to 24h), and with defined speed 1-25 frames per second, depending on computer speed. It is recorded without compression with 24 bit color resolution, so it gives ability to reliably analyse picture without information loss. Than it is written to an AVI file - it can be played using any stardard video playing software.

Image analysis can be processed on live camera picture, or from the AVI file recorded on hard disk. It consists of:

  • picture calibration,
  • image correction,
  • statistical analysis,
  • object analysis.

Picture calibration is a preparation made to have the results presented in real length units. It is processed independent in vertical and horizontal direction to prevent any camera disproportions.

Image correction is a brightness, contrast, color saturation, and color resolution modification of movie picture.

Statistical analysis counts main image statistic parameters, draws brightness, or colour histogram of choosen image portion.The image portion is defined by a rectangle, polygon or a line. For the line, a section may be drawn also.

Object analysis searches objects on signle picture or on a frame sequence. For every object found all its data is given: position, area, length, size. There is also object count, all objects' area, mean area , minimum area, maximum area. In case of movie sequence we may track the path of a moving objects finding length, speed and other statistic data of each step and of whole track.


  • no quality loss compressionless recording,
  • independend horizontal and vertical calibration,
  • hardware and software image correction,
  • camera or file image analysis,


  • slow motion processes recording,
  • microscope image analising,
  • scientific research work,
  • object movement analisys.
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