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Licence plate recognition
ARTR is a modern technology of licence plate recognition based on PC processing images from the road observing cameras. It locates the vehicle precisely, recognises its number plate and classifies it suitably. ARTR makes automatic vehicle recognition faster and easier, avoding necessity of using all the access codes, labelling or additional transmitters.


  • reduces enter/exit/pass waiting time,
  • reduces traffic intensity,
  • supports guard service,
  • eliminates need of using all the access codes, labelling, additional transmitters and parking cards.
  • keeps data about enter/exit time, number of vehicles and their origin,
  • creates various reports and analysises,
  • has a wide recognizing angle range,
  • low sensitivity to weather conditions, day time, vehicle model and its distance from the camera,
  • easy adaptation to systems that already exist,
  • all the advantages of image recording system Ladon.


  • car parks,
  • motorways,
  • various attended objects,
  • border checkpoints.
  • automatic gate openning for authorized members,
  • parking fees calculation and control,
  • registration and control of car passing,
  • stolen cars detection,
  • cars origin detection for use in marketing and statistics.


Working speed: < 100ms
Recognition: licence plate, origin (if in the car plate code included)
Guaranteed efficiency: > 96% considered changable surroundings conditions
Angle of work range: up to 45
Distance from the camera: 1,5m - 20m
Data bases compatibility: yes
Recognition while moving (continuous work) yes
Multicamera support : yes
Continuous image recording: yes
more than software