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Depending on Your needs we are ready to fill all requirements, especially in these fields:


Our main product in vision monitoring and CCTV is a digital video recording system Ladon desinged for use with MetaGuard video capture cards. It is good for small few camera instalations, for whole building systems and for big, remote, distributed security systems as well.

For perfect work, stability and efficiency, we created our own video compressor Metasoft MJPEG Codec.

We are able to choose appropriate high or low resolution, internal or external cameras depending on particular needs.

We prepare also complete hardware systems with Ladon system installed, we offer also custom installation and configuration.


Image processing is a technology delivering extensive, accurate data, with no use of direct contact with given subjects. Machine vision gives new abilities to automate and control production lines. Each image processing system consists of analogue video source (usualy camera), video capture card, and image analysing computer system. By use of advanced algorithms and methods, image processing systems fulfil a wide range of tasks, from object counts, detection, speed, lenght, and size measurment, faster and much more accurate and reliable than man. It allows creating various applications supporting automatic control of industrial processes, monitoring, objects protection, and others.

Example use of some special image processing technologies:

  • industrial processes observation and contactless control
    • colour and shape detection,
    • inscription and pattern recognition,
    • precise distance, diameter, and angle measurement,
    • evaluation of inscriptions' position correctness,
    • surface failures and contaminants detection,
    • objects classification,
  • road traffic analysis
    • licence plate recognition,
      • access control,
      • enter/exit counts,
    • vehicle counts
    • speed measurement
    • traffic intensity analysis
    • vehicle classification
  • intelligent alarm and protection systems
    • movement detection
  • indicators observation and alert detection
  • mobile objects measurement, counts, and analysis

Image recognition

Operations making direct image operations giving simple image informations it is also an image recognition. It is also giving observation abilities to human. We prepared some algorithms for it that expand some image information. It can be analysed by man, or by automatic process. This kind of tool is used mainly to scientific research work and for experiments. Very good example is SAO analysing system which records image using MetaGuard capture card and giving functions to modify pictures and do some simple analyses.
more than software